Convenient, Efficient, Accessible. 

Every patient desires these traits when dealing with their health care provider. Unfortunately, we live in a day where those three qualities are difficult to locate at one place. At ReGenesis Pharmacy, we strive to exceed expectations daily to make sure all our patients receive comprehensive, convenient, efficient care. In addition, we want them to find our staff easy to reach and available to discuss their medical needs. When these objectives are met patients have a clear understanding of how they are being cared for and can prepare for the best possible outcomes.
Convenience is critical to fulfilling the medical needs of the communities we serve. With multiple locations located in Spartanburg County, our pharmacies are in strategic locations to best serve our communities. With drive thru service we can process, fill, and accept payment all while customers stay in the comfort of their vehicles. We offer vaccinations curbside so that any individual that has a physical difficulty or handicap can easily be immunized while waiting in their vehicle. We also carry a full line of commonly used OTC medications that can be purchased in our stores to save gas and time for our customers.
The adjective “efficient” isn’t given to many pharmacies today. Wait times have steadily increased to hours and sometimes days. Out of stocks and insurance issues can also create obstacles to the normal workflow of the prescription filling process. At ReGenesis Pharmacy, we believe that communication is the key. Our wait times are in minutes, not hours. We keep patients informed and updated on the process of their medication. We tackle those hard to find items, prior authorizations, and insurance issues. At every step, we want our patients to be informed and know that we are doing everything possible to get the outcome they desire. Our staff of highly trained pharmacists and technicians efficiently process and fill hundreds of prescriptions daily. When there is an issue, the patient is kept up to date until that prescription is completely ready for pickup. For us, efficiency is more than just time. Efficiency is maximizing the time we have. By communicating with our patients, staff, providers, and others that are instrumental in the prescription filling process we can achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients. We strive to accomplish this with every single patient we serve.
Accessibility in healthcare is hard to find. Talking with the right person to answer questions or concerns is somewhat of a lost art. That is why our pharmacists are out front and available at all our locations. They are available and genuinely interested in providing information that is accurate, helpful, and easy to understand. Our support staff is eager and highly trained to answer and help in ways other pharmacies simply cannot do. Yearly, our pharmacy staff saves patients and the healthcare system millions of dollars by listening and using their knowledge of 340B discounted prescription programs, manufacture co-pay programs, and insurance formulary options to ensure that our patients are getting the best care at the most affordable cost.
At ReGenesis Pharmacy we want what is in the best interest of each patient. Being convenient, efficient, and accessible allows us to do that every day.

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At ReGenesis Health Care, we care.
We care about our community, its members,
and their health. We care about you.