Our services help bring healthcare to those who are unable to afford it. There’s a large population nationwide who are underinsured or uninsured and unable to afford health insurance or care. We are dedicated to helping those who don’t have the means to afford traditional healthcare programs, so we entered into the market as a cost-efficient solution to healthcare in the Spartanburg and Cherokee County area, and we’ve remained that way ever since. ReGenesis Health Care began as a very small organization and has since grown a great deal, from one facility to four facilities. Additionally, we extended what started out as an effort to provide preventative and primary healthcare to include associated services such as pharmaceutical services. Unfortunately, many Americans aren’t able to afford their prescriptions, so they take half doses to stretch their meds or go long periods of time without medications that is if they can afford them at all. There are serious complications when doing any of these unsafe habits with their prescriptions, especially with blood pressure, heart medications, and diabetes drugs. There are many other pills that will cause issues if you’re not taking them as prescribed. Our pharmacy provides medications at a reasonable price to reduce the number of people who are unable to take their medications. In fact, we strive to supply patients with a savings of up to 50 percent off the price of both generic and brand name meds. This is done through the 340B program. In general, we provide medications at reasonable prices, and we offer pharmacy assistance programs. Once you order your prescription, we’re usually able to have it ready in 15 minutes. Therefore, your wait time at our pharmacy is short, and you can get your medications right after your appointment with your doctor. You just need to inform the staff prior to ordering, so they can get your pills to you immediately. At ReGenesis Health Care Pharmacy, we have a large selection of drugs to offer our patients including name brands and generics. We even carry everything a diabetic needs for glucose testing. This includes test strips and glucometers. We supply our patients with needles for testing as well. Although our selection of over-the-counter drugs isn’t extensive, it does include the basics. For instance, we have a supply of cough syrups and Benadryl. We also carry aspirin and Tylenol (acetaminophen) for minor aches and pains. At any time of the day or night, you’re able to refill your prescription using the automated system. It’s available for your convenience seven days a week. We accept most insurance plans, but make sure you check with our pharmacy representative prior to refilling to be sure.
At ReGenesis Health Care, we care.
We care about our community, its members,
and their health. We care about you.