Dental Care

Dental Care

Oral health is a necessary component of health care that many people put off or forget about until an immediate need, such as pain or infection, arises.  Because we know that poor or inadequate oral health affects your overall health, diet, and even self-esteem, it is very important that you make your oral health a priority!

At ReGenesis Health Care, our Family Dentistry team is committed to helping you improve and maintain your overall health by helping you achieve your best oral health. We do this by offering Comprehensive Dental Care that is accessible, affordable, and high-quality.


We start your journey to optimal oral health by performing a comprehensive examination including a review of your medical history, full assessment of your teeth and gums, radiographs (x-rays), and oral cancer screening.  During this examination, we will diagnose any conditions affecting your oral health and develop an individualized treatment plan designed to restore, protect, and maintain your teeth and oral cavity.  Your treatment plan may include a preventive program, preventive cleaning or treatment of gum disease, removal of dental decay (cavities), and even a full set of dentures, if you are without teeth. 

As part of a comprehensive care plan, we provide preventive care, basic dental care, and basic rehabilitative care, including:

  • Preventive dental cleanings
  • Non-surgical treatment of Gum Disease (“deep” cleaning)
  • Fillings
  • Extractions (removal of teeth)
  • Basic Endodontics (Root Canals)
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Complete and Partial Dentures


All patients who have teeth to be maintained will have components of a preventive program included in their initial treatment plan.  Prevention of dental disease is essential if you want to avoid the need for complicated dental procedures and/or removal of teeth.  Our preventive services include Oral Health Education, Instructions for Home Care, a regular schedule of dental check-ups and cleanings, fluoride application and sealants.  Your preventive program will include recommendations based on your age, current level of oral health and level of risk for dental disease.


For those who are currently experiencing dental pain or infection, we have appointments available to offer emergency treatment for the relief of pain and infection.

We understand that dental treatment can be costly.  That’s why we accept many major dental insurance plans, including Medicaid for children and adults, and offer a sliding fee scale based on income and family size for those without dental insurance.

Our goal at ReGenesis Health Care Family Dentistry is to provide you with accessible, affordable, and high-quality care in an environment that makes you happy to call us your dental home. 

Great Oral Health doesn’t happen overnight, but we are here to help you along the way.

Give us a call today to schedule your first visit and begin your journey to your best oral health yet (864)-398-4185.

At ReGenesis Health Care, we care.
We care about our community, its members,
and their health. We care about you.