Behavioral Health

ReGenesis Health Care has locations that serve counties including Spartanburg, Cherokee, and Union, South Carolina have one goal in mind – high quality, multi-specialty care such as behavioral health. Just like all other areas of our practice, we want to be a valuable behavioral health resource. We provide education, primary care, prevention, and even case management to those who are underinsured, uninsured and those who lack the necessary finances for medical care. Our services are patient-focused and comprehensive.

Our behavioral health department takes care of the mental health needs of these communities. For instance, those who are suffering from depression may receive a basic level of care to diagnose and begin the treatment process. Their care may also require renewal of current scripts for depression. Another option is a referral to a specialist who is specially trained in behavioral health, who can provide a more in-depth evaluation as well as more other treatment options. Since we do case management, we're able to refer patients to other sources since serious depression can have profound consequences including unique, interrelated health problems.

Behavioral Health

We also have the power to diagnose those who have schizophrenia and similar conditions such as bipolar disorder. These mental illnesses affect a person's brain. Schizophrenia may cause hallucinations, confusion, and delusions. Schizophrenics tend not be violent. However, those with bipolar disorder have extreme changes in mood. They may have spells of sleeping issues, unrealistic beliefs, impulsive behaviors, and trouble making decisions or remembering. In more severe cases, symptoms may mimic schizophrenia such as hallucinations and severe changes in personality. We have the ability to distinguish between the two and refer to specialists if the case is out of our realm of treatment.

Mood and personality disorders aren't the only types of behavioral health issues we treat. We educate and treat those who have anxiety disorders, which are quite common in the United States. To be exact, the Anxiety and Depression Association of

America (ADAA) states that 18 percent of the adult population in the U.S. suffers from an anxiety disorder. Oftentimes, the person has multiple anxiety disorders that require a dual-diagnosis treatment. Some examples of anxiety disorders include generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and certain phobia. In addition to phobias associated with anxiety disorders, we can detect and assist in the treatment process of certain phobias, especially the ones that are compromising a person's quality of life.

Eating disorders fall under the category of behavioral health since a majority of them stem from an issue in the brain causing behaviors like binge eating, not eating, vomiting after eating and obsessing over weight. Some examples of eating disorders are as follows: bulimia, anorexia, and binge eating disorder.

Finally, we can assist those who don't have a particular disease but have an issue affecting mental health such as relationship issues and sexual abuse. Addiction recovery can fall in this realm as well since the disease causes changes in the brain and may lead to mental problems.

Our services extend to recognizing the problem, providing a certain level of treatment and educating all at a price that works for our patients. We will assist you in living a healthy lifestyle through our behavioral health center.


The Mission of ReGenesis Health Care is to provide culturally competent quality patient-centered health care that is affordable and accessible in partnership with the communities we serve.