Internship Application

Intern Responsibilities:
  • Must adhere to company work hours, policies, procedures, and code of conduct.
  • Must adhere to RHC policies governing around confidentiality and HIPPA.
  • Assume personal and professional responsibility for your actions and activities.
  • Maintain professional relationships with employees and patients.
  • Utilize courteous, enthusiastic, and open-minded approach to policies and procedures.
  • Apply knowledge acquired in the academic setting to the company setting.
  • Be consistent and punctual in the submission of all assignments to the supervisor.
  • Remain in designated areas as authorized by RHC supervisor. Wear approved PPE as required.
RHC Responsibilities:
  • Must have a signed Affiliation Agreement with the university or college with whom we will be accepting students.
  • Functional area director, or manager, or provider will interview student intern to assess fit.
  • We provide preceptorship opportunities based upon our providers ability to precept.
  • Orient student intern to the company’s structure and operations.
  • Orient student intern to the company’s policies and procedures regarding appropriate dress, office hours, confidentiality, HIPPA, code of conduct and other policies deemednecessary.
  • Introduce the student intern to appropriate staff.
  • Provide the student intern, the opportunity to see areas of the organizations based on their objectives.
  • Assigning and supervise the completion of all tasks.
  • Provide regular scheduled meetings with student intern.
Internship Application
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