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    Request for Proposals (RFP)

    Managed Services, Help Desk and Engineering Support for ReGenesis Community Health Center


     All proposal question and inquiries must be sent by email to The subject line of the email must state the following: RFP Managed Services, Help Desk, and Engineering Support.

    RFP Data

     Commodity Title: Managed and Help Desk Services

    Contact: Clem Osborne

    Phone: 864-582-2817


    Date Issued: October 23, 2017

    RFP Proposal Deadline for Receipt by ReGenesis Community Health Center

    Day/Date: Tuesday, December 15, 2017

    Time: 3:00 p.m. EST



     Our practice was started by a SC State Representative in 2003 to help bolster the economy in the area and address health disparities throughout our community. This one-man effort for change ballooned into a community drive that moved the entire state to renew efforts on cleanup and investment in its own communities. This is why we chose the name ReGenesis Health Care and this initial spark is the reason we still have a fiery passion for providing quality healthcare services to every patient we see. We started with 10 employees at a single location and we have expanded to cover four locations with 75 employees. This growth has allowed us to add dental and pharmaceutical services in the Upstate region along with the family medicine, women’s health, men’s health, adolescent health, behavior health and migrant program services we have offered from the beginning.

    ReGenesis has approximately 100 employees and has offices in Spartanburg (Pediatric, Early Learning Center, Pharmacy, Family Dentistry, Family Medicine, and Administrative), Woodruff, and Gaffney.

    Contract Term

     The term for the contract awarded will be for a period of one (1) year effective from the date of contract execution with optional annual renewals for (4) additional years.

    Schedule of Events

     These dates are for reference only; we may change at company’s discretion. Any changes will be communicated via email.

    Issue RFP to potential vendors                                                                 October 23, 2017

    Vendor inquiries due by                                                                            December 7, 2017

    Proposals due (by 3:00 p.m.)                                                                    December 15, 2017

    Vendor On-Site Presentations/Demos (Finalists only-optional)               December 19, 2017

    Intent to Award                                                                                          December 26, 2017

    Anticipated date of contract execution                                                     January 2, 2018

    ReGenesis is seeking Managed Services, Help Desk and Engineering Support. Support will be provided through a partnership between ReGenesis and the selected vendor. Based on current services received we have thefollowing:

    Managed Services

    Help Desk

    Engineering Support

    Currently services are provided during regular business hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday). On occasion, the support hours may be shifted slightly to accommodate business requirements.

    *See Attachments B & C for more detail on current scope of service.

     Equipment Summary


    Element Description Coverage Scope
    Servers Servers 8x5 23
      Host 8x5 2
    Equipment Ipads 8x5 13
      Desktops 8x5 55
      Laptops 8x5 71
    Instructions to Vendors


    Right to Reject: ReGenesis reserves the right to cancel or reject this procurement, RFP and any or all Proposals received as a result of this RFP at its sole discretion.

    Preparation Costs: ReGenesis shall not be liable for any costs incurred by vendors in the preparation of proposals to this RFP, including any meetings and demonstrations that may be required or requested. All costs incurred are at vendor’s expense.

    Questions or Requests for Clarification/Change: All requests for changes or clarifications regarding technical information, procedural requirements, contractual requirements, or other issues should be submitted via email to: cosborne@myrhc.comand received no later than December 7, 2017 at 12:00 noon EST.

    Proposal Preparation and Submission: Proposals to the RFP shall be of sufficient length and detail to demonstrate that the vendor has a thorough understanding of company’s environment.

    Proposals must be submitted in the format outlined in the Request for Proposal. Respondents must submit an electronic copy of the complete Proposal in a PDF format and should include a pricing proposal (see sample format in Attachment D).

    Vendors must include a cover sheet that identifies the company name, address, primary and secondary contact person for the proposal, and corresponding email, phone, and fax numbers. Please also include your company’s web address.

    Vendors must complete all applicable information and provide all information requested in the RFP. Failure to comply may be grounds for proposal rejection. A copy of the proposal will be kept by ReGenesis.

    Information Submitted: It is the vendor’s sole responsibility to submit information related to the evaluation categories. ReGenesis is under no obligation to solicit such information if it is not included in the proposal.

    .Evaluation Process: All proposals received by the due date and time will be reviewed. Proposals which are not received by the deadline may not be reviewed. The proposals will be:

    1. Evaluated for completeness and compliance with the requirements of this RFP. Proposals considered complete will be evaluated to determine if they comply with the administrative, contractual, and technical requirements of the RFP. If the proposal is unclear, vendors may be asked to provide written clarification if it is in the best interest of Safer to do so.
    2. Vendors may be invited to make a presentation in support of their proposal. Such presentations will be made to the evaluation committee.

    References: Vendor should include a listing of at least three (5) references, three (3) should be healthcare references. References should include company name, contact person, contacts title, and phone number and/or email address. ReGenesis reserves the right to investigate the references and the past performance of any vendor with respect to its successful performance of similar projects, compliance with specifications and contractual obligations, its completion or delivery of a project on schedule, and its timely payment of suppliers, and workers. 

    Evaluation Criteria: Any contract resulting from this RFP will be awarded based upon the evaluation criteria given in this RFP.

    Scope of Proposal 

    Proposals submitted in response to this RFP will be evaluated in accordance with the following criteria:Proposal Summary: Provide a brief summary of your proposed solution

    1. CompanyProfile/History
    2. Solution Requirements
    3. Implementation Plan
    4. Call Center System Support (if applicable)
    5. Data and System Security


    Summary of Evaluation Criteria:

     Summary/Profile/History of Company

    • Provide a brief summary of your proposed solution.
    • Provide a brief history of your company. If you are a partner of a larger firm please include that information.
    • Describe the number of years that your firm has been in business and please provide number of clients and any awards you deem relevant.
    • Please provide a copy of most recent annual report.

    Solution Requirements

    • Describe your proactive approach to system enhancements.
    • Please provide scope of coverage. (i.e. 24/7/365,etc.)
    • Do you provide coverage for commonly used Enterprise applications? (i.e. Microsoft Office,etc.)
    • Are you flexible to adjust support options as they relate to emerging technologies?
    • Is there staff available for contact outside of normal Help Desk hours if needed?
    • Is there regular, detailed reporting available (provide sample)?
    • Provide sample image of tracking/ticket report system.
    • Describe the approach for assessment - review of the inventory, assessment of the system architecture and equipment for efficiency, life expectancy, capacity, speed, and current processes and make recommendations for improving routine support criteria and eliminating emergencymaintenancesituations. A report of thisinitialassessment shall be submitted by successful bidder following executed contract by April 1st as long as the contract is in force. This is to allow for necessary budget planning for the upcoming year.
    • Describe your approach to desktop application support-Performance of basic support functions, including the installation of PCs, laptops, printers, scanners, peripherals, and office software; diagnosis and correction of desktop application problems, configuring of PCs and laptops for standard applications; identification and correction of user hardware problems, with advanced troubleshooting as needed; maintenance of anupdated inventory of all related computer related hardware to make available to ReGenesis personnel upon request; and implementation of Help desk procedures under policy constraints of the successful vendor.
    • Describe your approach to server and workstation administrative services- management of network and computer systems including complex applications, databases, messaging, server and associated hardware, software, communications, and operating systems necessary for performance, security, reliability and recoverability of the systems. Scheduling of preventive maintenance for equipment in the areas of coverage is properly and promptly performed; maintenance of records for all Help desk tickets for both onsite visits and remote support is available; backup plans and procedures are being followed. Configuration management including changes, upgrades, patches, etc. is maintained; management of user logins and password security is documented; and support of software products relating to server and workstations; timely response to repair and maintenance work for the user.
    • Describe your approach for network administration Services-Maintenance and support of network equipment, including switches, firewalls, routers, and other security devices is included. Installation and maintenance of printers, scanners, network devices etc., all analysis, routine configuration changes, and installation of patches and upgrades; cabling if needed; alert notifications in case of failure of equipment. Proactive monitoring of network equipment, including performance indicators to report on threshold limitations; network performance and capacity management services; continuous troubleshooting is required. Maintenance of network documentation for daily, weekly, and monthly services is required.
    • Describe your approach for separately-hosted application support-coordination on behalf of ReGenesis with vendors of hosted applications to assure clear communication and resolution of issues. Must have sufficient expertise regarding connectivity with such applications to support local network applications interfaces, including telehealth and telepsychiatry. Hosted applications include patient management system, email/spam filter, ReGenesis web site.
    • Describe your approach for email, security, and backup including disaster recovery- Maintenance of ReGenesis email accounts using ReGenesis domain and hosted email/spam filter, adding, changing, and/or deleting ReGenesis employee accounts as requested; maintenance of virus detection programs on ReGenesis server and user computers and laptops; performance of periodic security audits, including notification of suspected breaches of security to ReGenesis designated person are required. Configuration of ReGenesis systems to enable remote access in a secure environment with provisions for remote access administration as requested by ReGenesis designee is required. Requirements for a data backup policy with procedures in place to handle daily, weekly, and monthly backup of the computer, data and information, email and the like; program to restore systems and data if server and/or computers go down are required. Please provide an example of a backup disaster recovery policy you have formulated with another client.

    Implementation Plan

    • Describe your plan for implementing your solution at ReGenesis. Include approximate time lines, roles, vendor responsibilities and resources/time commitments Safer is expected to provide. This includes:
    • Transition Plan
    • Timeline of System Implementation
    • Who is the vendor project manager?
    • What will be the dedicated staffing assignments?
    • What are the defined tiers/levels of service?
    • Do you have a case study of a similar conversion?
    • Sample of Project plan with tasks, durations, dependencies for deployment.
    • Approach to handling potential associated risks.

    System Support

    • State the different user options and the hours that support is available.
    • Sample of vendor response in case of an emergency (Who would we call/Who would be able to respond?)
    • Do you have standards in place for:
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Trouble ticket resolution
    • Closing trouble tickets
    • Trouble ticket status

    Data and System Security

    • Describe your securityarchitecture
    • What are the systemcapabilities?


    • Provide at least three references that we may contact of similar size and operation. At least three (3) of these should be healthcarereferences.
    • Please provide number of years your company has been providing service to these agencies.

    Price Proposal

    • Provide a price proposal (see Attachment D for details)
    • Define criteria for pricingchanges.
    • What is your not-for-profit pricing?

    Special Note: If selected, vendor shall secure at its own expense and keep in effect during the term of this agreement either comprehensive general liability insurance with broad form CGL endorsement or commercial general liability insurance.


    Vendors must include a fully completed cover sheet.

    Company Name:  
    Company Website:  
    Primary Contact Name: Phone: Fax: Email:
    Secondary Contact Name: Phone: Fax: Email:
    Checklist: Cover sheet (above)

    Scope of Proposal

    Price Proposal (Attachment D) References

    Sample Image of Tracking/Ticket Report System and Disaster Recovery Policy



    Help Desk Support

    • Provide engineering support for server and network infrastructure at ReGenesis main and remote locations.
    • Enable users to more effectively perform their job functions by providing help desk support.
    • Better utilize the engineers and help desk resources by offloading the desktop imaging and configuration process to remote service desk team.

    Service Characterization

    • IT Engineering Support
    • Follow-up and resolve alerts generated from Support Center. 
    • Troubleshoot and resolve application issues (i.e.Exchange).
    • Perform maintenance on hardware, network, equipment, etc.
    • Back-up jobs troubleshooting and remediation.
    • Active Directory and Group Policy management.
    • Miscellaneous projects.
    • Escalations from the Help Desk.
    • Vendor management – Coordinate incidents, troubleshoot issues, etc.
    • Work on special projects as defined by management.

    Based on current scope, additional engineering or design support from subject matter experts is required for certain projects to resolve incidents.

    Help Desk

    Receive, resolve and close inbound break/fix, support, and maintenance service requests generated through the Help Desk system.


    • Attempt to resolve issues through client interaction or using support tools or remotely for ReGenesis's remote locations.
    • Triage to determine appropriate escalation and follow through to a successful resolution.
    • Identify appropriate solution point for hardware, software, and network issues.
    • Administer user privileges, password resets, etc.
    • Review of tickets, escalations, priorities, for the week.
    • Coordinate the hardware and software installation of new or replacement computers (leveraging the remote team).
    • Work on special projects as defined by management.
    • Define and manage standard desktop software and hardware configuration.
    • Liaison between vendor and ReGenesis for hardware purchases.
    • Handle printer installations and desktop software updates.
    • Create hardware and software inventory list for ReGenesis which will enable better planning and forecasting for future hardware/software purchases.
    • Build relationships with users by responding to support service requests.
    • Work through technical problems by phone or in person.
    • Stay current on software tools and techniques, provide knowledge transfer to users.
    • Install new software programs and patching existingsystems.
    • Work with software vendors and Contract Administration and Compliance team members to resolve problems.
    • Assist in system conversions and software rollouts.

    Remote Desktop Imaging and Configuration

    • Coordinating with the onsite team, manage the imaging and configuration of new computers.
    • Work through process for generating Purchase Orders for the acquisition of new PCs and any associated services for imaging and deployment.

    Based on the current agreement it is expected that the vendor and ReGenesis will define the process for providing additional details associated with the IT support work being performed, including:

    • Itemization of projects that take more than 3 hours.
    • Monthly meetings to discuss the work completed during the prior period with a focus on improving service and efficiency and ways to add value for ReGenesis and its users.
    • Development of performance criteria for service delivery.




    • Ongoing yearly costs
    • Total cost of interface/integration with our current system (i.e. Tracking system)
    • Hourly rates (Which may include rates at different tiers based on skill-set of employee. Used to provide basis for add-on development.)
    • Other
    • Total








We are committed to providing accessible, affordable, high quality, and culturally sensitive health care to the communities we serve.