Board of Directors

  • Jeff Ballenger Jeff Ballenger Board Chair
  • Roya Fayyazi Roya Fayyazi Board Member
  • Omar Daniels, CGFO Omar Daniels, CGFO Board Treasurer
  • Susie Ericksen Susie Ericksen Secretary
  • Maria Edwards Maria Edwards Board Member
  • ​Hunter Dawkins ​Hunter Dawkins Board Member
  • Holly Savage Holly Savage Board Member
  • Catrina Smith Catrina Smith Board Member
  • Stephanie Atkinson Coln, CPA Stephanie Atkinson Coln, CPA Board Member
  • Summer Tebalt Summer Tebalt Board Member
  • Valerie B. Sullivan Valerie B. Sullivan Board Member
  • Cole Alverson Cole Alverson Board Member


The Mission of ReGenesis Health Care is to provide culturally competent quality patient-centered health care that is affordable and accessible in partnership with the communities we serve.